Dear brother or sister in Christ:

If you understand this message, you will see that this light is from heaven for this end times.

Due to the urgency of making known this truth , we have ignored all our worldly interests (work, studies, pleasures, etc..), and we have given ourselves  to the preaching of this truth. Therefore our economic resources have suffered and are severely limited. We urgently need your contribution for the support of this cause and to  disseminate more raptly  this message. We need your contribution, large or small, to continue with this great responsibility, which is the Light the Lord has given us.  This message is the greatest truth of all time, It is the precious pearl which was hidden by the Adventist Church since the introduction of the Trinity which cause the church  to be in doctrinal apostasy.

As you have understood this truth by these humble means and now It is available to you, we appeal to your financial ability to help us in the work of this ministry. Your contributions are not tax deductible because we are not registered as an organization.  We are grateful for your valuable contribution to the work of God. We will pray for the Lord's blessings abundantly in your life.

Your generosity will not go without its reward. Thank you very much.

The material you’re holding in your hands is the dedicated work of several families and the collaboration of other brothers who understood this message.

We require your cooperation to continue bringing this truth to the world.

Ministerio La Verdad Eterna

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